Thursday, September 29, 2011

Just Signed Up...

...For the Warrior Run 5K next Saturday. I've decided not to push my luck with the Columbus Marathon. I haven't run a significant distance since Air Force, and I'm looking forward to running the Cincinnati Half with my sister in a few weeks. I'm going for a Half PR, since my 13.1 split at Air Force was better than I did at Little Miami.

I'm still seeking 5K redemption from the hilly Cheetah Run, and Running Buddy tells me that the course is flat, so... yeah.

I'm going to stick with my original plan of switching to a minimalist shoe after the Cincinnati Half (I'm leaning toward the New Balance Minimus) and getting some one-on-one instruction on proper running form. I'll spend the fall adjusting to the new shoes and making sure I'm running properly(ish), and then ramp up again in January to prepare for the Flying Pig.

I like to have plans.

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