Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Favorite Things: Running Shorts

I've had a really hard time finding a pair of running shorts to fit my needs.

First and foremost, running shorts must not ride up my ass. Nothing worse than being "that person" digging out a wedgie every quarter mile. No grabbing/pulling required.

Second, no skin-gripping tightness. If I wanted to run in spandex, I would.

Third, and just as critical as the lack of ass-crack invasion, the shorts must have a pocket! And I don't want any of those namby-pamby cotton flap pockets, either - I want an honest-to-goodness decent-sized pocket. With a zipper.

And it sure would be nice if they weren't $50.

With that, I present to you, my favorite running shorts, the Adidas Response 4-Inch:

I LOVE these shorts. I love them so much that I want to wear them for cross-training, too, but I'm too afraid to wear them out. I need to order three more pairs. I've been running in them for months, and I've never had to crack-dig or tug on them to keep them up. They're lightweight and not clingy and all-around awesome.

The pocket looks small, but you can cram in 4 Gus (or 3 sportbeans), gum, chapstick, and an ipod shuffle and it will still close.

The Adidas website only has them in black and white, but Amazon offers a few different color combinations (including one called "Slime," which is kind of a bad name for a color. They also come in a 6" length, but I much prefer the 4".

And no, I'm not paid/compensated in any way. I'm not cool enough to get free stuff. Shorts just happen to be a relevant topic in the world of running :p

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