Monday, September 19, 2011

Air Force Marathon Update - I Didn't Make It.

I'll get the pain out of the way early - I didn't meet my goal of running a sub-four-hour marathon. I didn't blow it by minutes, either - I blew it by 10 freaking seconds. TEN SECONDS. A desperately-needed 30-second potty break at mile 22 kept me from reaching my goal. I don't like giving too much information, but I would have gladly peed my pants if that was all it took - unfortunately, that wasn't the issue.

I cried when I got my official results.

Failure to meet my goal aside, the Air Force Marathon was totally amazing. AMAZING.

How could something that begins with a B1-B flyover NOT be spectacular?

Overall Place 672 / 2513
Gender Place 125 / 744
Division Place 22 / 120

This race is obviously deserving of a full recap post, I just haven't finished it yet. Soon! For now, admire my awesome hardware. This medal is a BEAST!

While you're at it, you may as well question my sanity, because I spent yesterday evening putting together a four-week plan to run the Columbus Marathon next month to try to trim those 10 seconds off my time. I'm giving myself until Wednesday to decide.

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