About Me

The Bean is... Just a little baseball obsessed. Likes wearing jeans and Chucks. Does pilates, eats pizza, and follows P90X. Runs marathons. Loves research methods and statistics. Jersey Girl at heart. Listens to Mike & Mike religiously. Drops too many F-Bombs. Blogs, even though no one reads it. Diehard Yankee fan. Mom to a toddler boy, wife to a red sox fan. Data geek.

This is where you can listen to me ramble about the goods and bads of exercising, the importance of balancing good foods and good for you foods, and tell you how to avoid butt chafing when you run. I'll tell you about my favorite protein shake recipes and my favorite Gatorade Gel flavors, but I'll balance it out with my favorite chocolate varieties (Scharffen Berger) and my favorite beers (Stella). I'll even disclose just how many pints of Ben & Jerry's I stock in my freezer at any given time. I'm a big fan of P90X, so there will be plenty of blah blah blahing about Tony and the Gang. I'll share my favorite food and fitness sites, talk about my fitness-oriented friends, and give recaps of every race I enter, including pictures of finishers' medals, because that's the only kind I'll ever get. I'll probably also talk about shoes (running shoes are really the only kind of shoe I enjoy talking about and shopping for), clothes (again, workout clothes are fun to buy - my everyday wardrobe could use some serious help), and other exercise-related accessories (Garmin tan-line, anyone?).

Watch me run!

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