Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weekly Workout Report

This has been a rough week, thanks to the sickness that invaded our house. When you have a 3-year-old spiking a 105 fever in the middle of the night, you're not going to get a lot of rest. When said 3-year-old passes the cold portion of his illness onto you, you're not going to feel like doing anything. Tried to make the best of it, anyway.

Monday: Insanity, Max Interval Circuit

Tuesday: Treadmill Speedwork, 6 x 800 7:05 pace / skipped evening workout to spend some time with the BFF after class. Sometimes life just comes first :)

Wednesday: Insanity, Max Cardio Conditioning

Thursday: Treadmill Tempo Run 6.3 miles @ 8:34 (should have been 7, but I overslept) / P90X Chest and Back

Friday: Skipped yoga, again. I really need to stop with that, but I had homework that piled up thanks to the plague invasion.

Saturday: Long run - 13.11 miles, 1:55 (8:50ish pace) - got lost because I turned down streets in the wrong order, ended up out with some cows. Turned around at the halfway point, instead, when I started to think things didn't quite look right. Good thing I did, because it would have ended up being a 17 miler if I didn't.

Sunday: Rest - SUPERBOWL DAY! I LOVED watching the Giants beat down the Patriots. Go G-Men! (yes, I'm a Jet fan, but if it couldn't be the Jets, the Giants are second-best. I love Eli, anyway.)

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