Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weekly Workout Report

Monday: Recovered from the Superbowl

Tuesday: Treadmill Speedwork, 3x1600 @ 7:25 (3.7 mi) / I don't even remember what weights workout we did.

Wednesday: Insanity, Pure Cardio - made it through without stopping for the first time, ever!

Thursday: Treadmill Short Tempo Run 3.5 miles @ 8:00 / P90X Legs and Back - pretty sure I need to stop doing this workout, there's something awful in it that really bothers my shins

Friday: off day

Saturday: Long run - Decided that finishing Leadville is my main goal, so I'm dialing back the pace of my long runs. Was supposed to do 10, but only got in 8 thanks to a screaming toddler. I knew I should have gotten up earlier! 8 miles @ 9:20 - made it up later in the day at the Undie Run!

Sunday: Yoga, finally managed to get it in

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