Monday, December 19, 2011

The Ugly

The worst thing about running in races is the race photography. Swear, eight of the nine races I've done have had professional photography, and there isn't a good photo out of ANY of them. I always look like I want to die. I'm lucky that no one caught a picture of me at a moment of extreme disgustingness during the Cinci Half - I finished a Chocolate Gu and then had to blow my nose. I used my sleeve to blow my nose, and then ended up having to spit the fuzz out. When I spit, a long disgusting string of slimy chocolate-colored saliva ended up all over my pants. Totally nasty.

This is about how I felt.

The worst was probably when I saw myself on video during the interview I did for the Pig last spring. I wanted to crawl into a hole. I like to imagine myself as graceful. I've mentioned my Running Buddy's Gazelle mantra before - some people can totally pull it off and look like a true athlete when they run.

Me? Well, this about sums it up.

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