Thursday, December 8, 2011

Major Shoe Fail

So, remember how excited I was to take the next step toward minimalist running? And how excited I was about the New Balance Minimus shoes that I was going to transition to after Air Force? Well, I finally pulled them out and took them for a spin. The result? Well, it was less than winning. In fact, it was brutally painful. Literally.

That's not decorative trim, it's blood. I noticed the rubbing on my heel about a mile into what should have been a 5-mile run. By the time I hit the 2-mile mark, the slight irritation had turned to full on skin-shredding. Ow!

I went home and gingerly removed the offenders. I couldn't bear to leave the run unfinished, so I threw on my trusty old Kinvaras and hit the pavement again. Fortunately, the profile on the Kinvaras is much lower, so there was no further damage. Unfortunately, I got blood on my Kinvaras, too :(

The culprit was a stupid seam on the inside of the heel.

It's raised, and in just the right place to catch your heel with every step. Husband was convinced I was just unlucky, until he took his out for a mile and had the same problem. Sad face, I really wanted to love these shoes.

The shoes went back. It's nice to have a local running store who really wants you to run your best - they took them back and helped me pick another pair to meet my needs. Thanks, Running Spot!

So what did I get? I'll save that for another post. It's been too long, anyway.

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