Friday, April 8, 2011

Running Randoms

Big Happy Birthday to my friend Katie! I almost didn't make it to fragments (again, what's up with that?), but I knew she'd be super disappointed if I didn't make a fragment post, and I couldn't let her down on her birthday.

Yankees are off to a nice start this year - red sox, not so much :)

First season series between the two starts today! I don't know who decided to make the start time 2:05 PM, but I'm already trying to scheme my way out of work so I can watch.

We're serious about the rivalry in our house.

We're hosting a couples Euchre night tomorrow. Can't wait! Partly because I love playing Euchre, and partly because it gives me a good excuse to make Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes, courtesy of Beantown Baker. They won't be nearly as pretty as hers, but I hope they'll still be tasty.

We don't need to talk about how much cookie dough I ate last night.

I've decided that my least favorite household task is unloading the dishwasher. I think that the best part of Charlie working from home is that he does 99% of the unloading.

Part of what I hate is that the tupperware and small Charlie cups always flip upside down and fill up with water. I hate getting my hands wet.

Remember Vince from Slapchop? He's being sued in a "Love Slave Scandal." Guess she didn't love his nuts.

Don't remember Vince? Check out my favorite remix.

We are three weeks and two days away from the Flying Pig Marathon! We have our last long run tomorrow, the second 20-miler. After that, we taper things off and have a nice, relaxing week leading up to the big race. The schedule even suggests that we get a massage. Lucky for me, my mom is a massage therapist.

You know what's annoying? When someone gives you a document and asks you to make edits and "pretty it up" a little bit, and you spend several hours re-designing it to match up with currently acceptable standards, and then you hand it back to them, get to a conference the next day, and they didn't use ANY of your suggestions. Even worse when your #1 suggestion was to GET RID OF THE GIANT BOLD RED COMIC SANS FONT.

Hey, 2001 called - GeoCities wants their template back.

I'm SO GLAD it's Friday! Have a great weekend!


  1. Comic Sans is a big time pet peeve of mine. Shouldn't be allowed. Hope you enjoy the cupcakes. I'm making them again this weekend too.

  2. I'm the master of the dishwasher here, no problem. Now cooking - that's a whole different problem.
    Playing Euchre again would be fun maybe I should try to find some players. I would need to brush up on my right and left bowers and taking the tricks. Love playing with dad long ago. You actually have a strong opinion on a font?

  3. Red Sox finally won today! Good for them. The card party sounds fun but I never played Euchre.

    Stopping by from FF.