Friday, April 22, 2011

Running Randoms - Shoutout to my Peeps!

Happy Just OK Friday! (how's that for some cheesy secular humor?)

While my mind is too focused on marathon running to post about anything serious or relevant (and I've got a ton of stuff on my "list of things I want to blog about," I just can't be disciplined enough to get it together), I'm going to enjoy a mindless Friday morning and frag about Peeps. Yes, Peeps. That (supposedly) marvelous marshmallowy delight that used to come around only once a year during the Easter season but has suddenly morphed into a year-round culinary option.

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I think I'm probably the only person in the world who doesn't like Peeps. I've just never been a big fan. Partly, I'm sure, because they're shaped like animals. I don't eat things shaped like animals. That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy them from a pop-culture phenomenon perspective, though!

I also love to use the word "Peeps" to refer to my homies, mostly just because I'm really too old to be throwing around terms like that and I like to make my teenage cousin roll her eyes at me.

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Let's start at the beginning. Did you know that Peeps have been around since the 1950s? True story. They used to be individually hand-shaped, but the process was automated once the Just Born candy company took over. Ever wonder how Peeps are actually made? The Chicago Tribune put together a neat slide-show that takes you through the process step-by-step.

That's a lot of peeps! (Getty Images)

If you're feeling adventurous, try making your own. My friend over at Beantown Baker did it, so you can, too. Or don't, just click over to admire her awesome Peepiness.

Peep Show!
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What would happen if you used these little marshmallow creatures to re-create Star Wars, Episode IV? Apparently this was a burning question for some, because now you can find out.

Perhaps the most classic of fun Peeps sites, Peep Research documents a variety of experiments designed to test the resilience of our marshmallow friends. (Caution, graphic images may not be suitable for children who worry about the well-being of the chicks)

While we usually think of Peeps as pleasant little colorful peace-loving beings, there are counter-cultures within the Peep society that enjoy a good jousting tournament every now and then. Only the strong survive.

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Think Peeps are only good as Marshmallow treats? Serious Eats begs to differ. They have an entire collection of Peep recipes, including Peepshi, Peepza, and Deep Fried Peeps - because everything is better fried.

And, of course, for the most irreverent among us, The Passion of the Peeps. (Only including a link to this one so as not to inadvertently offend anyone.)

Happy wonderful glorious FRIDAY! Marathon is a week away. Excuse me while I die of anxiety.


  1. You are not alone.

    I despise the gooey, sweet yucky things. Blech!

  2. Thanks for the shoutout. I can't believe you don't like Peeps! I like mine stale... Good luck at the marathon. We'll be on vacation so I might not be able to wish you luck again.

  3. I *hate* peeps. I'm more of a jelly bean or cadburry egg kind of person.

  4. Holy Candy Corn that Peep Wars was too long. You did too much peeping work on this. For peep sakes it's only peeps. I gotta go I need to peep.

  5. LOL, love the blog but I dislike to eat peeps too:-) They also last forever!! They get hard but a friend has one from last year that has been out in the open as an experiment. No spoiling and even the mice or roaches haven't touched it! LOL... stop in & read Fragging Friday

  6. Who knew that peeps were such a big part of our culture?! I learned this week that roasting peeps over a campfire for s'mores is quite a wonderful thing, too. I like to eat one or two per year :)

    Happy Easter, and good job on the marathon training. I look forward to hearing all about it! :)

  7. Peep lover checking in. We can hang because I know you won't snag my peep. See? World peace!