Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's Official! And, Big Plans.

As of 10 minutes ago I'm officially registered for the Flying Pig marathon. Whee! (I do feel just a little nauseous thinking about it)

When I decided that I wanted to run the Pig I briefly considered signing up with one of the charity teams, like Team in Training or the Race for the Cure group. I knew that I wanted to do something good with my time and raise money for a good cause, but I was afraid that I wouldn't actually be able to cross the finish line.

When I crossed the double digit mileage mark a few weeks ago and started to get pretty confident in my ability to finish the race, I started thinking again about what organization I wanted to run for.

Then I had the perfect idea - one of Charlie's favorite daycare teachers is currently undergoing treatment for cancer. She's super young - only 24! - and is missing a lot of time at work. We all know that care work doesn't pay super well to begin with, but to have an entire month of no income has to be rough. So I've decided to turn my marathon run into a benefit for her. I talked to her about it yesterday and the center director about it today, and everyone is totally on board with the plan. I need a website and a paypal account and... what else? I've never done anything like this before, but I'm really excited about doing something good.

Details to follow!

And of course, all I can think about is the Michael Scott Fun Run. Anyone for carbo loading?


  1. That's so awesome of you (and such a sad situation) - just let me know where to donate!

  2. What a great idea! Be sure to let us know how to support your efforts.