Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hey, I Put Some New Shoes On, and Suddenly Everything is Right

Goodbye, clunky old ProGrids...

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Helllllloooooooo Kinvaras!

I have been wanting lusting over these (much lighter) shoes for a long, long time. I've been going to the running store pretty much weekly to buy gels for my long runs, and I always stop over at the shoe wall to visit them, imagining the day when they would be able to come home with me to be my New Running Shoes. I'm at that point where there are only seven weeks standing between me and the Air Force Marathon - running low on time to get enough miles in so that I can wear these shoes for the race. Yesterday, they were finally mine. Tonight, I will run in them. And I'm so excited about running in them, that I just might run outside rather than on the treadmill, even though it will still be in the 90s at 8:00 this evening. I just. can't. wait.

As a bonus, the guy at the store taught me the "correct" way to tie my shoes so that they won't come untied while I run. Want me to share?

Also, big props to my running buddy, who survived her first Olympic-distance triathlon! Way to go! You can read about it on her blog. She almost had me convinced to do a mini tri with her next weekend, but I decided that shoes were more important :)


  1. Amanda @ There are two sidesJuly 28, 2011 at 1:47 PM

    Who knew I was tying wrong....nice tip though!

  2. Great shoe lace tying tip.  This of course is not just for running but hiking or anytime you might have your laces becoming loose.  Thanks
    Are the new shoes much more expensive than the others?  Also did you save the shoes that took you through your first marathon?

  3. Ooooooh pretty! Are they good for stability?? I think I'll wear my progrids through the marathon and then retire them, although it'll be pushing their mileage a little. Also, thanks for the shoutout! :) I still have to post a recap but work has been kicking my butt all week!

  4. Yeah, I'm still bitter about losing those 10 seconds on the last 10K I ran :)

  5. These shoes were the same price as my other ones. I'm lucky that I seem to do well in the cheaper brand, some of them are eye-poppingly expensive. I'm still running in my first marathon shoes, but they probably won't last through this second round. I don't think I'll save the shoes, but I'll definitely cut a patch of shoe out to keep somewhere!

  6. I don't know, because I don't need a stability shoe, but I'm sure the Running Spot peeps could tell you! My end goal is to start running in the New Balance Minimus road shoes. Supposedly, these are a good step between.

  7. Oooh, you are not helping me avoid buying the Kinvarsas!  I feel like such a gear junky...I've also been lusting after them.  After my awesome barefoot-beach run last week, I think I'm way closer to getting a pair...
    Good luck on your upcoming marathon!  I'm excited to read your recap of this one, too!