Thursday, January 6, 2011

Flying Pig Training - Run 1

Last night I had my first group training run. I was nervous and excited leading up to it. It was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. It was so neat to be out running through the streets of the city with over a hundred other people who all share the same goal of completing a 26.2 mile run. Much more motivating and inspiring than running on my own in loops through my neighborhood.

I definitely surprised myself - I put myself in the slower of the two groups, the 9:30/mile and above pace. I honestly have no idea what kind of pace I run. I know that on a 3 mile run I'm below 10 minutes, but every time I set off for a longer run I either forget the Droid or don't remember to write down my start time, so I've never actually calculated it. Last night I ran at a 9:30 pace for the whole 4.5 miles. I was shocked to find that I could (relatively) easily keep up with the front of the pack. I guess my solo training has paid off. I don't really think that it's a sustainable pace for me over longer distances, though, so that's something I'm going to need help with. I don't really know how to slow it down. I feel awkward when I try to run slower, but I know that I need to. I'm also going to need new shoes pretty soon, especially given my knee history.

Good times! I'm super excited about the longer run on Saturday.


  1. SWEET! I'm glad you had a good run! It really is weird about how nice it is to go run with 100+ people and not even be in a race. Plus, there's the added benefit of getting used to moving through packs like a pro - which makes a difference when you're going for a race PR. Wait until you actually get to know some people pretty well - it only gets more fun.

  2. how exciting! It's awesome what running with a group of people can do for your overall pace and enjoyment of the experience!

    Make sure that when you get new shoes that you get yourself fitted for a pair that meets your running style/gait. Go to an actual running shop - not just a chain sporting goods store.